Earn More! Have Fun! Move Up! Git'r Done!

"I worked my way up from detasseler to supervisor. One summer I earned $8,000 in 2 1/2 weeks."

K.M., Dresden, ON

"I worked for another company but detassel for QDC now. I'm paid over $1.00/Hr more working for QDC."

D.L., Bothwell, ON

What job fits you? We have a wide selection of high-paying jobs! Whether you're just starting out or have the experience for a higher position.

QDC offers the highest Earning Power in the industry!


Earn up to $13.50/Hr as an experienced detasseler!
Every year we have many detasselers who earn over $1,000 to $1,200 in a few short weeks.

Crew Leader

Use your previous experience to lead a small crew. If you are an experienced detasseler with leadership ability this could be a job for you.

Quality Assurance Supervisor

Earn more making sure the job is done right. Experienced Crew Leaders can take a step up in responsibility and income with our QA position.

Field Supervisor

Excellent wage plus profit sharing. Field Supervisors organize, train and monitor the quality of the work done by the crew working in the field.

Bus Driver

Driving a bus for QDC is a great way to earn extra money this summer. It's also a fun and rewarding experience.

Bus Driver & Leader

This can really be the ultimate summer job and money making opportunity. Here's why...

Office Administrator

This job offers steady work and flexible hours as well as a bonus for achieving specific performance levels.